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Tamil Malar is now branded as a credible newspaper that satisfies the thirst and expectation Of Tamil readers in the country.

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Tamil Malar has become one of the favorite news sources as it ventures into news stories ignored by most other newspaper. Tamil Malar is so dedicated to journalistic objectivity which evident from its bold new coverage. Tamil Malar is one of the best places to find collaboration of news with feedbacks from the general public. Different form others, Tamil Malar ensures that differing viewpoints are heard.

Tamil Malar was a popular Tamil newspaper in Malaysia and Singapore in 1960’s. Owing to its nostalgic value and proven track record.

Tamil Malar was reintroduced to the readers in 2013. Under the leadership of a prominent media personality Mr SM Periyasamy, Tamil Malar is now branded as a credible newspaper that satisfies the thirst and expectation Of Tamil readers in the country.

Tamil Malar is owned by CITYTEAM MEDIA SDN BHD and it is a non-profit oriented community project under OMS FUNDATION headed by a well-known philanthropist OMS P.THIAGARAJAN.

Tamil Malar is typically sectioned off based on subjects and contents like business, education, history & civilization, Youth, Family & Lifestyle, Religion, Science & Technology, Entertainment and Sports. Thus, it cater the needs of all sectors of society.

Hence, Tamil malar daily is not just another daily but an “Agent of Transformation”

In addition to print edition, Tamil Malar also publishes news online/digital news.
Specially for the advertisers
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Providing advertiser especially small and medium Industry (SMI’S) players with a high-readership product, good service, creative advertising layouts, quality printing, and advertising opportunities that generate high return on the investment.
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Creating total markets coverage of the newspapers to enable the local businesses to reach the buying public, and by making the newspaper available at highly accessible newsstands throughout the circulation area.

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Vision & Mission

Act as a community forum for opinion,
Give high priority to celebrating the achievements of youth in various field;
Adheres to high ethical and professional standards

Be the leading Tamil daily providing of high-quality news and information



Our mission is driven by our core value of integrity, Quality and Innovation. We have a Long-term commitment to our customers, the community we serve and our stakeholders.

The first known newspaper was the Roman Acta Diruna (Daily Act), published on orders from Julius Caesar in 59 B.C. It is unknown who physically made the papers. Caesar wanted to inform the public about important social and political happenings, as well as upcoming events.  They were carved on stone or metal and presented in message boards in public places like the Forum of Rome.

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